Private hotair balloon flights with take-off location of your choice

Een prive ballonvlucht enkel met je gezin én piloot natuurlijk kan altijd bij Filva Ballonvaarten.

Filva Ballooning - Adventurous enjoyment

Maybe you can take off in your garden?

Why would you choose a private balloon flight?

» Enjoy together, without other passengers. Sometimes we want to do something different and just enjoy the extra attention and intimate atmosphere in the basket during the balloon flight.
» Your own take-off location. Perhaps you want to take off from a special location: take-off in your own garden, on the meadow behind your house or at your vacation home,… 
» Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you as a customer with your specific needs and wishes. Almost anything is possible with a private hotair balloon ride.Of course, there are some limitations, but we are happy to discuss them with you.

Together we ensure that you experience an unforgettable evening or morning hotair balloon flight.

What makes a private hot air balloon ride different?

More privacy

alone with your own company
together with the pilot

More spacious baskets

more space in the basket according to the number of passengers

Own take-off location

in your garden or meadow
holiday accommodation

Special requests

marriage proposal, transalpine flight, gender reveal,…

Something to celebrate

birthday, anniversary, communion, retirement,…

Extra options

culinAIR, sandwiches, full breakfast, cheese fondue,…

Our possibilities

With a private balloon flight or VIP balloon flight, you have the opportunity to be in the basket with only those people you prefer. And in consultation with Filva Ballonvaarten you can choose the flying location all by yourself. To make the balloon flight completely according to your wishes, you can book an extensive breakfast for a morning flight or sandwiches, a cheese fondue or a real culinary experience for an evening flight. We offer these options in a personal context, but also as one of our business formulas.

  • depart from one of our locations OR from your own location (garden, …)
  • the basket is private for you and your party
  • balloon flight of min. 1 hour
  • insurance for each passenger
  • Champagne! during the flight
  • Champagne, beers and soft drinks after the flight
  • a beautiful certificate as a souvenir
  • an inflight photo if desired
  • everyone will be taken back to the take-off location by minibus, unless you have your own driver to follow along with the car

VIP morning balloon flight with the extra of

  • a glass of bubbles to start, coffee, tea, fruit juice, pastries, pistolets, bread, spreads, choco, jam and an egg prepared on the site
  • a beautifully set table in the middle of the field where you landed

VIP evening balloon flight with the extra of

  • healthy sandwiches topped with cheese, ham and a variety of salads and fresh greens
  • enjoying the sunset while satisfying hunger

VIP evening balloon flight with the extra of

  • a glass of bubbles to start, soft drinks, the best Swiss cheese fondue, white and brown baguettes, onions & pickles and tasty charcuterie
  • dipping a piece of bread into the cheese fondue with your family or friends around the table, it remains a hit!

VIP evening balloon flight only on mondays in Flanders with the extra of

  • appetizers and amuses before takeoff while you can enjoy the preparation of the hot air balloon
  • a 5-course menu on board with matching wines prepared high in the sky by Chef Tom Vermeiren of Wilford T Restaurant (Gault Milau 14,5)

Are you not completely convinced by our many possibilities and prefer to choose something else? Let us know, we will do everything we can to realize your dream or business incentive !

A selection of our private balloon flights

Overview prices private hotair balloon flights



Private balloon flight for 2 pers

800 euro

1.100 euro

Private balloon flight for 3 pers

885 euro

1.200 euro

Private balloon flight for 4 pers

980 euro

1.300 euro

Private balloon flight for 5 pers

1.100 euro

1.400 euro

Private balloon flight for 6 pers

1.200 euro

1.500 euro

Private balloon flight for 7 pers

1.295 euro

1.575 euro

Private balloon flight for 8 pers

1.400 euro

1.600 euro

Private balloon flight for 9 pers

1.535 euro

1.665 euro

Private balloon flight for 10 pers

1.600 euro

1.700 euro

Private balloon flight for 11 pers

1.705 euro

1.815 euro

Private balloon flight for 12-19 pers

150 euro/pp

160 euro/pp

Private balloon flight >19 pers

on request

on request

Extra extensive breakfast pp

15 euro

15 euro

Extra cheese fondue pp

30 euro

30 euro

Extra sandwiches pp

30 euro

30 euro

Extra CulinAIR diner pp

200 euro


How to book a private balloon flight

Since a private balloon trip is completely tailor-made, we first ask you to fill in the form below. The application is completely non-binding and you will be contacted afterwards to discuss the details. Once it’s clear what you exactly want, we’ll schedule a hot air balloon and set a date. After payment, the booking will be finally confirmed.

Inform you about a private balloon flight here

Would you rather prefer a balloon flight in a shared basket?

Give a hot air balloon flight gift voucher

» Do you know someone who has been talking about ballooning for a long time but never takes action for it? Then give him or her just that necessary push to make that dream come true! Give a hot air balloon flight gift card !
» Are you looking for a personalized gift that is a little different from all the others ?
» Or admit it, you just started too late to look for a nice gift. We are happy to help you out!
» A balloon flight gift voucher is unique and you can get it very quickly! You can find all information here.

Why Filva Ballooning

Bruco en Chouffe luchtballon samen in Beervelde - Filva Ballonvaarten Gent

Filva Ballooning is a full-time balloon company. This gives the flight preparation, such as the daily analysis of the weather conditions and the maintenance and preparation of the equipment, the necessary time. We feel it is important that this is not treated as an incidental matter after coming home from another profession. Your and our safety are too important!

Filva Ballooning is a company that works entirely according to the standards imposed by EASA, the European aviation authorities. This means that our hotair balloons meet the highest quality standards and that our pilots and crew are specially trained to consider safety as the top priority.

Our pilots are experienced and must have at least 450 flight hours to be allowed to fly with our balloons.
Driving with a balloon trailer requires a BE driving license in most cases. Many balloonists are not legally compliant with this.

Our hotair balloons are all from the Ultramagic Balloons brand. A top brand that stands for quality, innovation and energy efficiency. Every year they are subjected to a strict aviation inspection. We don’t forget our vehicles and trailers either!

We also work with a caterpillar vehicle and a winch on the trailer. This way we avoid unnecessary dragging when we clean up the balloon and the basket after the flight.

That the lucky passenger ends the balloon ride with a glass of bubbles is beyond question. However, we also provide a glass for your chasing  car. They also experienced an adventure following the hot air balloon by road.

If you have a specific wish or dream, ask Filip about the possibilities. He is happy to tell you what is possible and how to make it happen. We are here for you!

Filva Ballooning - Who are we ?

Filip Audenaert

Filva Ballooning (Filva Ballonvaarten - Montgolfière Ardenne) was founded in 2000 by myself, Filip Audenaert. I am a passionate balloonist from Sint-Niklaas with only one goal: to give everyone an unforgettable beautiful and safe balloon flight !

Customer oriented

We provide passenger balloon rides throughout the year for private individuals and companies. We listen to what our customers want and try to realize everyone's dream to the best of our ability. We are here for you!

Our team and our balloons

Hot air ballooning is not a one-man show. A whole team of pilots, drivers and ground crew are always ready for you. We can use several balloons that vary in size. This allows us to fly up to 100 passengers at the same time.

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